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by Ivana Mer

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Compilation of compositions recorded between 2010 and 2015 in France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Many thanks to Oskar Rózsa, Marc-Eric Laine, La Petite Vague, Anacole Daalderop, Werner Philippi, Marcel Meszáros, Benjamin Richards, Max McCormick, Miroslava Vokounová, Zuzka Kučerová, Ivi Rebova, Jaro Muñoz, Ivo Kiapeš, Nora Belton, Ladislav Pálmai, Marek Zilinec, Nina Marinová, Katka Kubošiová, Zdenka Trvalcová, Shina & Slnko Records and to all who supported me in this music journey.


released February 29, 2016

Photo: Ivi Rebova • Graphic design: Cristian Estrella • © Ivana Mer 2016 • (P) 2016 Slnko records


all rights reserved



Ivana Mer Slovakia

In Ivana's world, inspiration for her music comes from the chants of the sea, forces of nature and by the inner worlds of the soul. Ivana is a singer and composer, graduated from an intensive internship Roy Hart Theatre in southern France, which works with the liberation of the mental barriers and the emergence of Voice potential. She has collaborated with many singers and performers in Europe. ... more

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Track Name: Krajina stratených vil
V krajine stratenych vil,
kde luce hladili sede kamene,
tichucko sepota jedna z nich,
s tazkostou niekto si vzpomenie.

Sepota, dzavota o jase stromov,
o prude rieky co nepozna domov,
o sile slova, co kedysi vazilo,
o vahe mora, co ludstvo by obmylo.

V krajine stratenych vil,
kde zvuky zvonili a vzduch vonal,
jedna z nich este stale vola,
po jemnosti,
ktora s nami

English translation

In the land of lost fairies,
where rays stroking gray stones,
quietly whisper one of them,
with difficulties anyone can remember.

Whisper, tweet about brightness trees
about river stream which does not know what is home
about the power of words, which once weighed,
about weight of the sea, which would washed the humanity.

In the land of lost fairies,
where sounds rang and air scent,
one of them is still calling
for the subtlety,
which was with us...
Track Name: Mereus
Mereus mora pán,
všetko vidí zjaví Vám,
na dne mora,
zrkadlo má,
k dušiam volá

Plávam vo tme Mereus,
za tým spevom morských múz,
čo ma volá,
hľadať znova,
tvoju ríšu
Track Name: The birds
The Birds which are afraid of cold days,
I am calling you to caress my face.
In storm of rains revolting my days,
The Birds in eyes, flyes towards
to new beginning after old end,
I am calling you,
celestial friends,
trying to stand the earth, be able to relieve in

The Birds which are afraid of cold days,
subtle hearts escaped from harm,
Pure vision gives them freedom,
to choose their place inside warm land.
With waterfalls and gardens of love,
birds are singing on their own.
Longing for never homeland,
making journey without
Track Name: Diamond fields
I am on the magic hill,
Trying to stand still,
The birds are singing here,
And all the colours reflects world,
Under me..

Open my arms to miracle,
Hold ribbon from cloud which lift me to,
To the pure, diamond field,
Where I plant the seed of my inner dream.

Queen rules this sphere,

Taking care of dreams planted here,
So I have no more fear
And leave my seed grow free,
Far away from me.

Given spark from queen, makes shines my dream,
Flashing in my mind, travelling my body,
You are ready,
I will meet you here and now,
To share the light and love,

To help you find the way,
Straight to the diamond sphere.
There you plant your dream, grow in love,
Living free.
Track Name: Pachol'a
Čieže to pachoľa nocou blúdi,
Čieže to pachoľa nocou blúdi,
Čo dobrých ľudí zo sna budí,
Čo dobrých ľudí zo sna budí.

V ďalekej krajine nemých šírav,
od chladu znavené odpočíva,
v oblúku hodvábnom jemnúčkom perí,
zomrie a zrodí sa z nebeskej peny,
moje nové ja.

Budem ho učiť spievať i tancovať,
na boso z vecí nových sa radovať,
horu ovoňať jemným dotykom,
ticho objímať smelým pocitom,
moje nové ja.
Moje nové ja.
Moje nové ja.

Ako nádej prichádza ráno,
lúče rodia sa z jasného čista,
láskou objímam vzdialené svety,
vo vnútri rastiem, pučia mnou kvety.

English version:

Whom child is wandering through the night, whom child is wandering throughout the night,
waking up the people of good will from their dream, waking up the people from their dream.

In the faraway land of silent vastness,
From the cold wearily resting
Inside the arc of silk
wispy feathers;
dies and is born of heavenly foam
My new Self.
I'll teach him to sing and dance,
Barefoot out of new things to rejoice,
To smell mountain with gentle touch,
To embrace silence with boldly feeling,
My new Self
My new Self, My new Self....

As hope comes the morning,
Rays are borned of pure bright,
With Love I embrace remotely worlds,
Encreasing inside,
Sproud through me
Track Name: M to M
I got married to music
while the moon was whispering fully
within dark arches of my inner stream.

I got married to music
In forest of freedom i lost fear
of all earthly dependencies I found without seek.

I got married to music
baptized myself with warm tears,
flashing light through obscure night,
strenght was given to me,
by independency.

Stones you threw on my back hurts and weight I couldn't breathe,
Under blanket hidden power,
becoming another.
Needed to find and empty space,
to appear in such lovely town of mine.

I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
Prepáč, odpusť mi, ďakujem, ľúbim ťa.
Lo siento, perdona me, gracias, te quiero.
Track Name: Blueanco little mute boy
The little boy
was looking for
The little boy
was looking for
his voice.

In a drop of water,
In a drop of water,
little boy was looking,
for his voice.

I do not want it for speaking with,
I'll make a ring of it,
so that he can wear my silence,
on his little finger.
Track Name: Sandelerie (acoustic live)
When the fog, covers thee
who forgets about dreams
close your eyes and listen
about a girl, made from sand.
She was shy, with fragile smile
deeply feeling things hidden
by human nature, unconscious mind.

She heard the herbs speaks
her hair was made by chants of sea.
Her fingers touched the stars this was written in her eyes.
One day the sea sand threw her out to the land
covered by scars for her need to learn, about life on earth

As she lives, she doesn’t believe, frozen looks, hostility
unkindness, rivalry, broken values, pure humility
loneliness that creates wall, pollution from noisy thoughts.
But when she comes, trees shine bright
black and white stops to fight, air was full of honey
love replaced money.
She must go, she cannot stay from the humans far away
the coast of nowhere speaks to sea
Sandelerie, Sandelerie...
When the sand shines bright, that’s Sandelerie’s smile.
Her message about love, always stays in humans hearts...

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